The AI Endgame: Social and Policy Implications


Artificial intelligence will dramatically alter our lives.

Join us and learn more about what together we can do.

Our leaders are beginning to recognize how AI will change the world and our lives. Technology for Global Security is working to further the discussion, bringing together tech and policy experts to ensure we benefit both economically and on security issues. Others are focused on how AI will shape industry, but there's a lack of understanding about future policies that need to be put into place to help prevent the very real potential economic downside for vulnerable Americans.

Tech4GS bridges this divide by bringing top technologists together with policymakers for common-sense discussions on how to harness the promise of economic gain while also ensuring these technologies do not negatively impact our security. To achieve these objectives, we have initiated a series of substantive events on the societal implications of quickly advancing forms of AI and related technologies, particularly to economics, labor, and international security

On February 21, we held the first of four planned discussions at Cooley LLP (one of our long-standing supporters) in Palo Alto, focused on the general status of AI technologies. We were honored to have both top-level experts (Paul Saffo, John Markoff, and Randy Sabett) and a full house of highly engaged participants. Some of the key takeaways from the discussion included:

  • Current trends must be placed in historical context: the field of AI has historically over-promised but under-delivered;
  • We are not truly looking at an exponential moment: Moore's law has slowed and the cost of transistors has not gone down in two years, for example; and
  • While dramatic changes in certain areas may be forthcoming, it is unlikely to be outside the capabilities of society to manage.

The conversation was thought provoking and even somewhat contrarian - building a solid foundation for our efforts going forward by removing some of the hyperbole surrounding these technologies while also affirming the need to be prepared for their potentially disruptive societal impact in the very near term.

Our next event, in the coming weeks in Palo Alto, will build on this discussion, taking a deeper dive on the technical aspects and capabilities of AI. This will be followed by a session in Washington, DC, with policymakers, in the late spring/early summer to discuss policy implications. The fourth session will be in Cambridge, MA in conjunction with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Future Society and AI Initiative. Finally, there will be a full 1-day conference in the fall in Washington, DC to bring together the findings of the series and identify implementable recommendations for senior government officials.

If you are interested in participating or supporting this campaign - or know someone who might be - please have them be in touch with us directly: We are actively building a coalition of support as we execute this campaign, and we look forward to collaborating with you on this increasingly critical issue for all of our future.



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