Morality and Geopolitics of the Nuclear Age


Nuclear Weapons continue to pose the greatest risk to human life we face today. As part of our continued effort raise awareness of issues surrounding nuclear weapons and materials, Tech4GS cordially invites you two join us for a two-part forum titled Morality and Geopolitics of the Nuclear Age.

While the human race continues to face existential threats posed by nuclear weapons, the public conversation regarding the role of these weapons in society has been supplanted by numerous other significant, albeit real, fears in our everyday lives. The challenges posed by nuclear weapons, however, demands the need for public dialogue and citizen action.

Our first event, titled Morality of the Nuclear Age, will be held on Monday, April 3rd, from 7:00-9:00 pm in the Harman Auditorium at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton. The panel discussion will feature author Richard Rhodes, Ira Helfand, and Martin Hellman.

The second event, titled Geopolitics of the Nuclear Age, will be held on Thursday, May 11th, from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Menlo School Athletic Center, 50 Valparaiso Avenue, Atherton. We will be honored to be joined by The Honorable William J. Perry, the 19th U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Both events will be moderated by Michael McNerney, Board Chair for Technology for Global Security and CEO, Efflux Systems.

These events are open to the public, and we look forward to you joining the discussion. Please feel free to share our flyer with anyone you think might be interested in joining us.

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Philip Reiner
Executive Director, Technology for Global Security


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